Educational Background


Playing Organ

My Yamaha CS1XI was lucky to grow up in an artistic and nurturing community in the Pacific Northwest, where I had many great music teachers including Lisa Frohning, Kathy Gilbert, Anne Herfindahl, Margie Wallace, David Shepherd, and Gaye Detzer.   I also was also fortunate to get a job at an early age as a church musician where I was exposed to the rich harmonies of Bach’s four-part chorales and Cantatas under the direction of Marita Ericksen.

During my undergrad years at U.S.C., I studied with Larry Harms and earned my B.A. in math. I then worked for 6 years as the T.A. for the Electronic Music program at L.A. City College under Professor Marc Blake, while earning my A.A. in music and developing my music production and composition skills.

Currently I also serve as musical director for the Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana, and producer for an electronic music project, Hype Blast.



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